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Please note: Many of the following documents were created using the old Alma UI. The DALNET office is working to replace them with documents with images from the new UI.

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  Release Notes - DALNET Summaries

October 2017-January 2018 [DALNET .docx]


Updated! 2018-2019/20 Alma Roadmap Highlights [Ex Libris .pdf]

2018-2019 Alma Roadmap Highlights [Ex Libris .pdf]

  Ex Libris Essentials (Online Help)

Getting Started



Resource Management


Alma-Primo Integration

Alma Analytics

Integrations with External Systems

  Configuration & General Documents: from DALNET (& Others)

Alma Glossary [Harvard University]

  Acquisitions & Serials: Docs from DALNET (& Others)

Acquisitions Training Materials [Harvard University]

Using MARC Prediction Patterns [Wesley Teal, formerly Wartburg College]

Creating an order for existing inventory [DALNET .docx]

Editing or Deleting a PO Line [DALNET .docx]

Setting Up Serials with Prediction Patterns [DALNET .docx]

Setting up Serials without a Prediction Pattern [DALNET .docx]

Receiving Serials Issues in Alma [DALNET .docx]

Close or Cancel a Subscription in Acquisitions [DALNET .docx]

Fiscal Period Closure [Ex Libris .pdf]

Manually Creating PO Line, Receiving and Claiming [OCC .docx]

Serials: Receiving and Claiming Appendix 1 [OCC .docx]

Alma Prediction Pattern Basics [Becky Bearden, ENUG 2016 .pdf]

Workflows for Binding Print Serials [RMIT University .docx]

  Resource Management: Docs from DALNET (& Others)

Resource Management Training Materials [Harvard University]

Physical Item Cataloging [DALNET Draft .docx]

Adding Holdings & Relinking Items [DALNET .docx]

Cleaning Up Holdings and Items [DALNET .docx]

Collapsing / Cleaning Serials Holdings [DALNET .docx]

Marking an item missing from shelf [DALNET .docx]

Suppressing / Unsuppressing Bibs and Holdings [DALNET .docx]

Importing Films on Demand videos [DALNET .docx]

Importing a Bib Record from NLM via Z39.50 [DALNET .docx]

Importing a Bib Record from OCLC Connexion Client [DALNET .docx]

Helpful Resources for Normalization Rules [DALNET .docx]

An Overview of Alma Normalization Rules [6/1/2017 First Thursday Webinar]

OCLC Connexion Browser Set-Up and Importing into Alma [Renae Keeler, OCL .docx]

Automatically insert call number from bib record into holdings record [DALNET .docx]

  Label Printing: Docs from DALNET (& Others)

Configuring the Label Printing Tool [Ex Libris]

SpineOMatic v. 7.0 Guide [Boston College .pdf]

SpineOMatic [Boston College, GitHub]

SpineOMatic: Label Printing Software for Alma [Ex Libris Developer Network Tech Blog]

Spine Labels [Harvard University]

Label Printers & Labels [Univ. of Rhode Island]

Label Printing from Alma (SpineOMatic) [Univ. of Rhode Island]

  Electronic Resource Management: Docs from DALNET (& Others)

E-resources Training Materials [Harvard University]

MeL Databases in Alma and PCI [9/6/2018 First Thursday Webinar]

Electronic Resource Workflows [Ex Libris .pptx]

Activating Databases (Electronic Collections) in Alma 2018 (with eLibrary example) [DALNET .pdf]

Activating Databases (Electronic Collections) in Alma 2017 [DALNET .pdf]

Activating single electronic portfolios in Alma (i.e. eBooks) [DALNET .pdf]

Activating Electronic Resources - In Batch from the Community Zone (i.e. an eBook collection) [DALNET .docx]

Activating Electronic Resources - In Batch from an Excel File (i.e. an eBook collection) [Jeff Zachwieja, OCC .pdf]

Deleting a Portfolio [DALNET .pdf]

  Fulfillment: Docs from DALNET (& Others)

Circulation, Holds, and Fines Training Materials [Reynolds (VA) Community College]

Fulfillment Training Materials [Harvard University]

Setting Due Dates for After a Break or Closure [DALNET.pdf] | [DALNET.docx]

Disabling Email Notices for Individual Users and Specified User Groups [DALNET.pdf] | [DALNET.docx]

Fines and Fees [Ex Libris .pdf]

Alma Letters [12/7/2017 First Thursday Webinar - Disregard notes about the patron-facing column in the letter emails table. This is only available for multi-lingual institutions.]

  Course Reserves: Docs from DALNET (& Others)

Library Reserves Training Materials [Harvard University]

Alma Reserves [OCC? .docx]

Alma Reserves [RMIT University .pdf]

Adding Citations to a Reading List [SHU .docx]

Adding course for multiple lecturers [RMIT University .pdf]

Adding non-library items to Reserve [RMIT University .pdf]

Adding equipment to Reserve [RMIT University .pdf]

Editing Reading Lists [RMIT University .pdf]

  Reports & Alma Analytics: Docs from DALNET (& Others)

Analytics Training Materials [Harvard University]

Creating Reports in Alma Design Analytics [2/2/2017 First Thursday Webinar]

Three Alma Analytics Reports [2/14/2019 First Thursday Webinar]

Manually Loading Usage Data in Alma [Jeff Zachwieja, OCC .pdf]

Managing COUNTER-Compliant Usage Data [DALNET .PDF]

Managing COUNTER-Compliant Usage Data [DALNET .docx]

Running COUNTER Reports in Alma [DALNET .pdf]

Running COUNTER Reports in Alma [8/3/2017 First Thursday Webinar]

The Friendly Guide to [COUNTER] Release 5 for Librarians [.pdf by Tasha Mellins-Cohen]

Creating Itemized Sets [DALNET .pdf]

Saving and Managing Sets in Alma [5/4/2017 First Thursday Webinar]

Analytics & Reporting [University of Wisconsin-Madison]

  Inventory/Shelf Reports: Docs from DALNET (& Others)

Performing a Physical Item Inventory in Alma (using Shelf Report) [DALNET .docx]

Successfully working with Alma’s Shelf Report tool [Kate Cabe, Western Washington University .pptx]

Example of the Shelf Report Stock Taking Inventory Management Job [Yoel Kortick, Ex Libris]

Shelf Inventory using Alma APIs [Dean Lingley, Purdue University]