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Benefits of DALNET Membership

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DALNET Membership Benefits

Informational Brochure

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DALNET eLibrary Brochure

DALNET Grants Brochure

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DALNET for Library Users

Reliable Access

Discovery Catalog (2013)

1 Million Shared Items to Borrow

Real Time Item Availability

Local Information Resources - DALNET DSpace Repository

Digital Collections - Digital Projects

Customized Search

Enriched Catalog Content

Online 'My Account' Access

DALNET for Libraries

Innovative, Collaborative Networking

Empowered Membership

Collaborative Projects

Digital Project Assistance

Training Opportunities

Keeping Pace with Library Trends

DALNET for Systems

Over 30 Years History

Serving all types of Libraries

Skilled Technical Staff

Hosted Systems with Regular Updates

Digital Projects and Web Hosting

Standardized Records

Strength for Vendor Negotiations

Regional, State, National Networking