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  JULY/August 2015

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Future System Planning Update

The RFP Task Force is Working on

  • Reviewing RFP responses received from vendors
  • Drafting demonstration scenarios for vendor Webinars
  • Scheduling Webinars with vendors

Initial demonstrations for members are anticipated in August/September.

See the Future System Planning project page for more information.
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Thinking About The Work We Do- And What Else We Have to Get Done


It's time to think about the work we do every day, and what work we would like to accomplish tomorrow.  Most of the current work we do in the DALNET shared system revolves around managing the physical items in each of our libraries.  A new system will allow us to better manage all of our resources- print and electronic materials- while also providing better access to them.  Below is an exercise for each of us to walk through, on our own, or in a group.
1. Start by making three columns to place your post-it notes: To Do, Doing, Done.

2. Post a separate note in the middle column (Doing) for all of the work you are currently doing in the old library system.

3. Post a separate note in the first column (To Do) for any new work you hope to get done in the new system.  For example, are there workflows that you have that the current system does not handle?

4. Move any notes from the current work column to the last column (Done) for things that you would like to no longer have to do in the new system, or that you think may no longer be needed to be done in the new system.

5. Share the results with your colleagues and discuss what work each of you think will be affected by the new system.  What will we be all "Done" with in the future?  What things that we are currently "Doing" will continue to be on our "To Do" list?  What new things do each of us think will be added to the "To Do" column?

Siena Heights University Migration to DALNET Shared Systems Underway

The Siena Heights University library has been working with the DALNET office to complete their migration to the DALNET Shared System Services.  SHU is moving from a stand-alone Horizon system to the DALNET Horizon union catalog.  SHU has completed profiling paperwork for the migration and the DALNET office has the shared system configured with the new SHU settings.  A new branded catalog for SHU has been created and record import testing will begin shortly to make sure everything looks good as the project moves forward.  Members participating in the DALNET Reciprocal Borrowing program will be pleased to know that SHU has decided to lend their print and A/V materials to the group.  SHU is planning on going live in the DALNET system in August! 
SHU Catalog

Sharing Our History: DALNET Educational Forum and Annual Member Meeting

Image Monday Morning, August 10, 2015

Mark Coir, Keynote:
"A Detroit Back Story"

Paul Gallagher and David Votta:
"The Digital Public Library of America
comes to Michigan"


Register Now

Open to the public.  $15 Registration fee includes continental breakfast and luncheon.


   Events Calendar   Image

   Monday, August 10, 2015

   DALNET Educational Forum/Annual Meeting
   9:00 AM - 1:30 PM
   WSU Undergraduate Library
   Bernath Auditorium

   Monday, August 17, 2015

   Executive Committee Meeting
   9:30 AM - 12:00 PM
   WSU Undergraduate Library
   DALNET Conference Room, 2nd Floor

   TBD Dates in August/September

   New System Demonstrations/Webinars

MLA Annual 2015

Early Bird Registration Ends Sept. 11

     Of Note
Using large digital collections in education :
Meeting the needs of teachers and students

"Because DPLA largely aggregates cultural heritage content, the focus of this research was strategies for organizing primary source material for both K-12 and higher education instruction, explored in conversation with both online education resource creators and educators who work in the classroom.  This white paper summarizes the findings of those two avenues of research and synthesizes them into a set of recommendations for DPLA’s future education work."

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DALNET eLibrary

     New Resources
Access for Free Online!

The archival advantage: integrating archival expertise into management of born-digital library materials / by Jackie Dooley
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What do we do when antibiotics don’t work any more? / by Maryn McKenna
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Why I believe the mistreatment of women is the number one human rights abuse / Jimmy Carter
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Tall Line Kristy's Corrections
Corrections made this month for commonly misspelled words in the shared catalog:

commemm*   /   commem*   (2 times)

legisat*   /   legislat*  (4 times)

natinal*   /   national*   (8 times)


Monthly Feature

"The Yamasaki Legacy project enhances and facilitates scholarship, public interest and restoration of the architectural heritage at Wayne State University that Minoru Yamasaki and his buildings have created."

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     Just for Fun

Folger Shakespeare Library
Digital Image Collection

The Folger library offers over 80,000 images for free reuse under creative commons licensing as long as you attribute the library.  But it is just fun looking at everything in the digital collection, too!


The image to the left, of "A scene in the pantomimime of Cock-a-doodle-doo!!," is from the Folger collection.

Did You Kniow?
You can now peruse the DALNET DSpace Repository and find historic DALNET documents and other materials.  Member libraries are currently building their collections.  If your library is interested in joining the archive contact the DALNET office or take a look at this informational overview.


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