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  March 2015

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Response to Platform System RFI (Request for Information)

Five vendors have responded to the DALNET Platform System RFI that was issued in January.  A preliminary assessment has been done of the financial and system data obtained from the RFI and that information is headed to the DALNET Board of Directors for review this month.

For a snapshot of the vendor's names and their proposed products, check out this graphic.

DALNET Planning Video Series

People Get Ready!


As we make preparations for our official Request for Proposals, we are now having a call for participants in an RFP Task Force.  The task force will be charged with assisting the DALNET office in preparing the RFP to be released by WSU on behalf of DALNET.  The group will also be responsible for reviewing all materials and information that comes in from vendors as part of the RFP, and preparing a summary review of the materials for the Project Managers and the Board of Directors to assist in making decisions for selecting a library system platform for migration.  The group will likely have face-to-face meetings in the DALNET offices with opportunities for remote attendance as needed. Meetings will begin in March.  If you are interested in volunteering, please fill out our application form.  All applications will be reviewed and a task force will be formed that is representative of all library sizes, institution types, and service areas from within the DALNET membership.

While we prepare to head into the official Request for Proposals phase, some of our members may want to see proposed systems before the formal presentations to be held later in the year.  The DALNET office has compiled a list of links for Webinars that are offered by the vendors that we may be looking at.  Please keep in mind that these Webinars may or may not accurately represent the actual functionality of these systems.

Anyone interested in the Webinars can take a look here.

What's My Line?

What's my line, or what's my role in DALNET?  The consortium has several groups and each one has defined roles and responsibilities. This year the consortium intends to review the frequency, length, and type of meetings for its various groups and we would like to also have a refresher on what each group is responsible for.  Committees and Task Forces should have specific charges.  Below is quick breakdown of the responsibilities of other standing DALNET groups.  If you aren't part of these groups and you would like to be more involved there are other opportunities to serve.  Just let us know your interest!

DALNET Board of Directors

Each DALNET member institution has equal representation on the Board of Directors.  Each member institution appoints one Board seat.  It is the responsibility of Board members to attend and participate in meetings to:
  • Determine the policies, procedures, guidelines, initiatives, projects, and programs
  • Make determinations in regard to purchasing and staffing
  • Review committee and task force reports and recommendations

DALNET Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is a committee of the Board of Directors and is comprised of Board-elected positions.  It is the responsibility of Executive Committee members to attend and participate in meetings to:
  • Act on the Board’s behalf between Board meetings
  • Budget development and review
  • Policy recommendations

DALNET Project Managers

Each DALNET member institution has equal representation on the Project Managers.  Each member institution appoints one representative.  It is the responsibility of each Project Manager to attend and participate in meetings to:
  • Make recommendations to the Board on a wide range of issues and policies associated with technology initiatives
  • Plan, direct, and execute implementation of library systems and programs, including the construction of procedures and best practices for technical issues and projects
  • Coordinate the transmission of information between the DALNET Office and the staff of DALNET member libraries

New Student WSU SLIS Scholarship Opportunities

The Wayne State University School of Library and Information Science has several scholarship opportunities for new MLIS students that DALNET members may be interested in.  Take a look for yourself or encourage someone else to apply!

Informational Flyer

Application Requirements


Events Calendar
Thursday, March 5, 2015
Cataloging and Database Standards Committee
Conference Call
2:00 - 4:00 PM

Monday, March 16, 2015
MobileCirc Training
Available Online on 3/16

Monday, March 23, 2015
Board Meeting
WSU, Undergraduate Library
3rd Floor - Community Room
1:30 - 4:00 PM


     Of Note

Perceptions 2014:

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The 2015 review of
library systems.

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DALNET eLibrary

     New Resources
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The Future of Library Resource Discovery /
by Marshall Breeding

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Tall Line Kristy's Corrections
Corrections made this month for commonly misspelled words in the union catalog:

suppplement*   /   supplement*   (2 times)

  /   supply, supplies  (2 times)

suppport*   /   support*   (2 times)


Monthly Feature


The Henry Ford Online Collections

Take a look at a subset of digital images featuring Diego Rivera and his Detroit Murals

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     Just for Fun

Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo Centenary -
Celebrating 100 years of Passion

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Did You Kniow?
It is both a great responsibility and a great opportunity for DALNET member institutions to appoint individuals to serve on the DALNET Board of Directors and Project Managers.  By attending meetings and participating in decision making, your institution and its libraries have an equal say in the current and future work of the consortium!


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