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  April 2015

Monthly News
Future System Planning Update

At their meeting in March, the Board of Directors reviewed financial information received in the response to the DALNET request for information on new platform systems for library services.  As the Board moves forward with financial planning for this strategic initiative, the RFP Task Force will move forward with drafting and releasing the consortium's formal Request for Proposals.  The RFP will include the criteria for selecting a new system, as defined by consortium members in the Final Criteria Report approved last fall.  As recommended by the Board and DALNET Project Managers, after responses to the RFP are received, the RFP Task Force will review all materials and work with the DALNET office to schedule demonstrations for members from the most viable vendors.  To keep up with planning, visit the Future System Planning project page.  [Member Login Required.]

DALNET Planning Video Series

Contract for Enterprise Catalog Renewed


The DALNET Board has approved renewal of the contract for the SirsiDynix Enterprise catalog.  Members that wish to add this service at no additional cost, as part of their shared system services, may contact the DALNET office for further information.  Libraries may also now request to test Z39.50 database searching with Enterprise.  Libraries can choose to use the traditional HIP catalog, the new Enterprise catalog, or both.

He's Baaack!


Hiking at Dusk

Come experience Austria, Hungary, the Czeck and Slovak Republics, and Italy as seen by George Marck on his recent trip to Europe.  Join George and your colleagues for a brown bag lunch at the DALNET offices, on Monday, April 13th, from noon to 1:30.

"Two of my favorite places were Hallstatt, Austria and the Amalfi Coast in Italy with two preview pictures to whet your appetite." -George


Positano, Italy

MeLCat Update

George Marck has been representing DALNET on the state-wide MeLCat policies and procedures committee and has a few updates.

MeLCat Day: Rather than having a state-wide event in Lansing this spring, a series meetings around the state are being planned for July.  Be on the lookout for more details about a local meeting coming to our area (possibly in Warren).

MeLCat and RDA: After review by an RDA committee, the match key for MeLCat records has been modified to avoid potential duplicates caused by new records loaded that are in the RDA format.  The changes will allow matching based on RDA format fields and the traditional GMD format field.  A whitepaper is forthcoming from MCLS with the details.

MeLCat Policies and Procedures: For review of current policies and procedures check out MeLCat Policies and RIDES Policies.


Events Calendar
Monday, April 13, 2015
Brown Bag
WSU, Undergraduate Library
2nd Floor - DALNET Conference Room
12:00 - 1:30 PM

Tuesday, April 14, 2015
DALNET RFP Task Force Meeting
WSU, Undergraduate Library
2nd Floor - DALNET Conference Room
1:00 - 2:30 PM

Friday, April 17, 2015

DALNET Annual Meeting Committee
WSU, Undergraduate Library
2nd Floor - DALNET Conference Room
2:00 - 4:00 PM

Monday, April 20, 2015
Project Managers Meeting (Tentative)
WSU, Undergraduate Library
3rd Floor - Community Room
1:30 - 4:00 PM

Monday, April 27, 2015
Executive Committee Meeting
WSU, Undergraduate Library
2nd Floor - DALNET Conference Room
9:30 AM - 12:00 PM


     Of Note



Promotion & Training Gateway for
Michigan eLibrary and MeLCat

View an entire series of Webinars and Training Videos useful to library staff members for learning about MeLCat and other resources available through MeL.  Also access marketing materials to promote MeL and MeLCat.

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DALNET eLibrary

     New Resources
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The power of herd immunity /
TED Talk by Romina Libster
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TED Talk by Andy Yen
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Tall Line Kristy's Corrections
Corrections made this month for commonly misspelled words in the union catalog:

differnet   /   different   (1 time)

foootball   /   football  (1 time)

libray   /   library  (1 time)

Russsia*   /   Russia*   (4 times)


Monthly Feature


Diego and Frida in Detroit

After you've visited the exhibit at the Detroit Institute of Arts, take a look at other Diego and Frida events around town.

View Events at IXITI


     Just for Fun

What the English of Shakespeare, Beowulf, and King Arthur actually sounded like

by James Harbeck

Read Article
(and take a listen!)


Did You Kniow?
MeLCat has a new discovery search gateway to find print and electronic materials state-wide.  Member libraries can let the DALNET office know if they would like the MeLCat links and icons in their catalogs pointed to the new gateway or left pointing to the traditional MeLCat catalog.


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