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burgler* / burglar* (2 times)

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oposite / opposite (3 times)


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  June 2014

DALNET ERM Services Update

CUFTS reSearcher

The DALNET office now has CUFTS reSearcher open-source ERM software installed as the basis for the Board-funded DALNET ERM Services for members.  On 16 June 2014, 1:30-4 pm, a demonstration of the system will be held at Wayne State University, in the 3rd Floor Lab C of the Undergraduate Library.  Free parking is available at Detroit Public Library, Main Staff Lot, on Putnam.  CUFTS provides Electronic Resource Management, an e-journal A-Z list, and link resolving.  This summer, all member libraries that are interested in trying out the system will have the opportunity to do hands-on configuration in the system, and access their custom interface made by the DALNET office.

COSUGI Conference 2014 Review

The DALNET office, along with some DALNET members, attended the annual COSUGI conference, for customers of SirsiDynix, here in Detroit.  George Marck assisted with local arrangements, including planning for dinner groups that explored the city.  George also made a well-received presentation on "How to Have an Effective and Inexpensive Regional Users Group Meeting" and he facilitated a sharing session for Horizon users.  Kristy Eklund received great reviews for her presentation on "Incorporating TED Talks Into Your Library Collections Using Your Catalog" and she was also on the Horizon "Stump the Chumps" panel.  Steve Bowers co-presented on changes to the Horizon system made for RDA configurations.  DALNET staff members were able to meet with SirsiDynix representatives to discuss the consortium's ongoing needs.  SirsiDynix presented a lot of material on forthcoming products, including new features coming to Horizon, such as "mouse scrolling" on screens, borrower name on block notices, emailing receipts from check out, and borrower photos on accounts (if desired).  These and other sought after features will be coming to Horizon this summer.

System Work Groups Update

Criteria Wordle

The Board of Directors has officially decided to have a two-part process for gathering survey results for the Criteria Survey developed by the System Work Groups.  Part one will allow all staff members from DALNET libraries who are interested in responding to the survey to fill out the survey areas relevant to their own work.  The Board members will then each be responsible for turning in one official response for their institution, after consultation of individual survey results and input from their Project Managers.  Surveys are expected to go out in July.  System Work Groups have also recommended that a separate survey for the Public Interface be distributed to library constituents/users outside of staff, at a later date.

Did you know?
Member libraries can now take online and check-out-desk credit card payments for library fines, using the ProPay system.  For more information Contact Us.
Events Calendar

Monday, June 16, 2014
DALNET Training
Location: WSU Undergraduate Library, 3rd Floor, Lab C
1:30 - 4 PM

Monday, June 23, 2014
Board Meeting
Location: Rochester College
1:30 - 4 PM

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