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  May 2014

George Marck Honored by WSU for Service

George Marck has received honors from Wayne State University for 40 years of service as an employee at the University.  This year also marks the 30th year that George has worked for the DALNET office.  As Lead Applications Technical Analyst at DALNET, George ensures that shared systems are updated and running.  In addition, he sure does a lot of batch loads for accounts and bib records!  If you haven't done so lately, you may want to send George a note to let him know how much you appreciate everything he does and for his commitment to the consortium.Allen Park VA Hospital

Board Approves SMS Text Messaging Service

The DALNET Board has approved one year of funding for shared system SMS text messaging notices.  Various members using the shared system tested SMS notices for the past year and have had favorable results.  Patrons must opt in for the notices and can choose from pre-overdue, overdue, and general notice options.  Hundreds of patrons in the shared system have already signed up for text messages at participating member institutions.  Please remember to ask your patrons if they would like to sign up for this service.  For more information on how your library can participate please contact the DALNET office.

System Work Groups Update

All System work groups have had a second meeting and are working with the DALNET office for readying a member survey for this summer.  The survey will help identify criteria the consortium will use to select a new shared system in the future.  As part of the survey roll-out the DALNET office is planning to make site visits to member institutions that would like a walk-through of the survey and an overview of DALNET planning for a new system.  Keep your eye out for more information later this summer!

Open A Help Desk Issue Via Email

Allen Park VA HospitalIt couldn't be easier!  Now registered users can open a help desk issue by sending a simple email to dalnethelp@wayne.edu.  If you already use the help desk then you are already registered.  Simply type an email with the information you wish to provide and the DALNET office will be notified that you have created a new help desk case.  Don't forget, you can also update any case by simply replying to any email from the help desk system.  Check out "Did You Know?" below for another handy tip.

Did you know?
You can close a Help Desk issue via email?  A simple reply to any email from the DALNET Help Desk FootPrints system with the phrase status = closed will automatically close your case, without the need to login to the help desk system online.  You can also add any comments for the case to your email.
Events Calendar

Thursday, May 15 -
Saturday, May 17, 2014

COSUGI (Customers of SirsiDynix User's Group Inc.) Annual Conference
Location: Renaissance Center, Detroit
All Day

Monday, May 26, 2014
Memorial Day Closure
Location: DALNET Office
All Day

Of Note
The Top Technologies Every Librarian Needs to Know: A LITA Guide

Steven K. Bowers, DALNET Executive Director and Elliot Polak, WSU's Coordinator for Discovery Services have contributed a chapter titled "The Future of Cloud-Based Library Systems" to this upcoming book.

Available June 14th

The Top Technologies Every Librarian Needs to Know

Just For Fun
Detroit Now & Then: Revival

An interactive look from at the revival of the city through historic and present-day pictures.

From detroiturbex.com

Detroit Then & Now: Revival