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commerical / commercial (16)

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stuggl* / struggl* (6 times)

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DALNET Details Newsletter
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  MARCH 2011

Upgrade Update for Horizon System

The HIP Upgrade Committee is now forming.  This committee will assist the DALNET office in testing the HIP upgrade installation and in creating documentation outlining the various changes in HIP for the upgrade.  After an initial face-to-face meeting it is anticipated that the committee will complete much of its work online.  If you are interested in serving on this committee, please email: dalnet@wayne.edu

An informational handout with a bulleted list explaining the upgrade of Horizon and HIP
is available here: Upgrade Notes.  A demonstration of HIP 3.21 will be given in March.  Please see the Events Calendar for more information.

DALNET Celebrates Women's History Month

Edith Wharton

The month of March is Women's History Month and, to celebrate, the DALNET office has created a new online collection called the “Distinguished American Women Collection.”  It includes 90 freely accessible online books written by a variety of American women, from the 1830s to the 1920s, both fiction and non-fiction.  Members may include the collection in their online catalogs.  Some authors in the collection are Jane Addams, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Ida Wells-Barnett, Sojourner Truth, Edith Wharton, Helen Keller, Margaret Sanger, and Elizabeth Cady Stanton.  To view the entire collection, visit: http://tinyurl.com/DAmWoCo

WSU Neurosurgery Department Digitizes Slide Collection

WSU Med School Logo

Brandon Parker, a research/editorial assistant in the Wayne State University School of Medicine's Department of Neurosurgery, has completed a slide digitization project for the department.  Parker used DALNET’s Digital Lab to convert a large collection of carousel-style slides to digital format.  In addition to the slide/negative converter in the lab, there are also LP, audiocassette, and videocassette converters, as well as two book scanners.  DALNET members may call Kristy Wells at 313-577-0234, with questions about the lab, or to schedule an appointment to use the lab.
Did you know?
Did you know that most Microsoft Windows shortcuts work in Horizon?  The shortcuts can be especially useful in the MARC editor for cutting, pasting, and copying content.  The DALNET office has created a Horizon Keyboard Shortcuts handout that can be downloaded here: Login to Member Web Site
Events Calendar
Monday, March 21, 2011
HIP 3.21 Upgrade Demo
1:30PM - 4:00PM
Location: WSU Undergrad Library
Third Floor, Lab C

Monday, March 28, 2011
Board Meeting
1:30PM - 4:00PM
Location: UDM McNichols Campus
Library, Room 324

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