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  DALNET First Thursday Webinars

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  Recipocal Borrowing Agreement - DALNET Get It Local!

2006 Agreement

  DSpace Digital Repository

DALNET DSpace Repository

DSpace OAI-PMH Portal

DSpace Profiling Forms and Other Links

Instructions for adding items to DSpace [DALNET .docx]

Instructions for editing items in DSpace [DALNET .docx]

Creating a metadata template [DALNET .docx]

Customizing a collection [DALNET .docx]

DSpace 6.x Documentation [DuraSpace wiki]

  DALNET Digital Lab

Ion Tape 2 PC Instructions [DALNET .pdf]

Ion USB Turntable Instructions [DALNET .pdf]

Ion Slides 2 PC Instructions [DALNET .pdf]

Ion VCR 2 PC Instructions [DALNET .pdf]

Jumbl All-in-One Film Scanner Instructions [DALNET .pdf]

Plustek OpticBook 3600 OCR Scanning Instructions [DALNET .pdf]

Plustek OpticBook 3600 Scanning to PDF Instructions [DALNET .pdf]

Plustek OpticBook 3600 Saving Instructions [DALNET .pdf]


Suggesting Ex Libris Enhancements [11/2/2017 First Thursday Webinar]

  DALNET Connections Interest Groups

Links to Group Web Pages and Rosters [must log in to view]

DALNET Connections Kick-Off [January 29, 2018 Agenda]

  Member Grants

DALNET Program Initiative Reserve Grants

  MeLCat & RIDES

MeLCat Withdrawal Procedures in Alma 2019 [DALNET.pdf] | [DALNET.docx]

MeLCat (Public Catalog)

MeLCat Help

MeLCat Resource Sharing Contacts

Participating Libraries

Joining MeLCat

MeLCat Lost to Missing Workflow Chart

Catalog Policies

MeLCat Wiki [see MeLCat Project page for login info]

RIDES (Home Page)

RIDES Assistance

RIDES Contacts

RIDES Label Maker


Export.dat File for Exporting from OCLC Right-Click to Save [.dat]

OCLC Connexion Browser Set-Up and Importing into Alma [Renae Keeler, OCL .docx]

  Google Scholar

Setting Library Links in Google Scholar [DALNET .pdf]

  Licensing Electronic Resources

Anderson, R. (2016). Libraries, Leadership, and Scholarly Communication. [WorldCat link to book]

Ashmore, B., Grogg, J.E., & Weddle, J. (2012). The librarian's guide to negotiation: Winning strategies for the digital age. [WorldCat link to book]

Brooks, S. & Carlson, D. H., eds. (2006). Library/Vendor relationships. [WorldCat link to book]

Emery, J. (2005). Is our best good enough? Educating end-users about licensing terms. Journal of Library Administration, 42(3-4), 27-40. [article]

Hulseberg, A. (2016). Technical communicator: A new model for the electronic resources librarian?. Journal of Electronic Resources Librarianship, 28(2), 84-92. [article]

Model Licenses [website]

Rosen, D. (2016). 99 negotiating strategies. [WorldCat link to book]

Ross, S.V.T. & Sutton, S.W. (2016). Guide to Electronic Resources Management.. [WorldCat link to book]

Shared E-Resource Understanding (SERU) [website]

Stachokas, G., ed. (2018). Reengineering the library: Issues in electronic resources management. [WorldCat link to book]

Verminski, A. & Blanchat, K.M. (2017). Fundamentals of electronic resources management. [WorldCat link to book]


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