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Cabell, William (1)

Cameron, Mary Jane (1)

Cameron, William J. (1)

Chadwick, Alan W., Hospital Director, Allen Park VA Hospital (2)

Champaine, Marie (1)

Charland, Donald (1)

Cheap, Charles (1)

Clovese, Joseph (Uncle Joe) (1)

Connolly, Michael (1)

Conway, Brian, MI State Historic Preservation Officer (1)

Coykendall, Lee (1)

Crane, Thomas P. MD (3)

Crosbie, Stanley B. (2)

Daniel, Mrs. Valerie (1)

Derwinski, Edwin J. Secretary of Veterans Affairs (2)

Desaussure, John (1)

Detvay, Fay (1)

Detway, Faye (1)

Dickinson, Luren D., Governor of Michigan (1)

Dingell, John D. (4)

Doyle (1)

Eggleston, Don W. (1)

Eisenhower, President Dwight D. (1)

Fontana, Father (1)

Ford, Clara J. (1)

Ford, Henry (5)

Ford, William D, 15th District, MI (1)

Friedman, Jerry (1)

Gaston, Herbert J (1)

Gursky, Leon (1)