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Patients and Staff Member in Patient Library (1)

Patients, Black History Honored at Allen Park VAMC (1)

Patients Enjoying the Outdoors on Grounds of Hospital (1)

Patients Exercising on the Lawn (1)

People at the Dedication Ceremony in 1939 (1)

Personnel Quarters (1)

Photograph of the Crowd at the Dedication Ceremony in 1939 (1)

Photoreproduction of an Engraving of the Allen Park Veterans Hospital (1)

Plane Pals (1)

Plaque Commemorating Allen Park 50 Year Anniversary (1)

Polish Display at Annual Ethnic Festival (1)

Presentation of Candelabra by Moms of America (1)

Radiological Procedure (1)

A Real Kick (1)

Red Cross Pre-Easter party (1)

Renovated Auditorium at the Allen Park Veterans Hospital (1)

Research Building, #8 (1)

Resolution regarding mitigation for the demolition (1)

Romeo Peach Festival Queen with Patient (1)