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Halloween Hillbilly Costume (1)

He'd Rather Fight Tobacco than Smoke (1)

Henry and Clara Ford Quit-Claim Deed (1)

Hiroshima A-Blast Flier Dies (1)

Hispanic Display at Annual Ethnic Festival (1)

History of the Nursing Home Care Unit, Veterans Administration Hospital, Allen Park, Michigan (1)

Hospital Front Lawn during a VAVS Carnival (1)

Indian Display at Annual Ethnic Festival (1)

Inside of the 'Greenhouse' (1)

Inside of Van Designed for a Handicapped Driver (1)

Interior of Patient Library (1)

Interview with Annette Bradley (1)

Interview with Cassandra Webb (1)

Interview with Ethel Kellie (1)

Interview with Fay Detvay (1)

Interview with John Barkett (1)

Interview with John Paglione (1)

Interview with Josephine Wheelock (1)

Interview with Michael Samson (1)

Interview with Rose Solak (1)

Interview with Virgina McElhone (1)

Italian Display at Annual Ethnic Festival (1)

Items for Sale in the Canteen (1)