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Effects on Historic and Archaeological Values (1)

Emergency Entrance to the Hospital (1)

Employees Overcome Handicaps (1)

Exterior View of Greenhouse (1)

Exterior View of Hospital (1)

Exterior View of the Director's House on Hospital Property (1)

Exterior View of the Side of Greenhouse (1)

Facility Assessment (1)

Farewell for Fr. Fontana (1)

Float in Front of Hospital (1)

Ford Swimming Pool Helpful in Rehabilitating Veterans (1)

Four Veteran Patients at the Carnival (1)

From Soldier to Citizen: history of Detroit VA Medical Center (1)

Front Lobby of Hospital (1)

Front Lobby of the Allen Park VA Medical Center (1)

Front View of Hospital During Construction of North and South Wings (1)

Games in one of the 'Greenhouses' (1)

Gathering of Veterans in Front of Hospital (1)

Getting Their New Free Cars (1)

Graduation Class of Red Cross Gray Ladies (1)

The "Greenhouse" (1)

Greeting Veteran Patients (1)

Groundbreaking at the Allen Park VA Facility (1)

Guy F. Palmer (1)