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John D Dingell VA Medical Center (9)

Access Title:Detroit VA Medical Center Groundbreaking on October 4, 1991
File Type: Photographs
Description: On October 4, 1991 a groundbraking ceremony for the Detroit VA Medical Center took place at the site of the future medical center. Some of the honored guests included: Honorable Barbara Rose Collins, Honorable J Robert Traxler, Mr Zamberlan, Mr C Wayne Hawkins and Honorable Anthony J Principi
Date: 1991-10-04

Access Title:Interview with Rose Solak
Person/People: Solak, Rose
File Type: Sound Recordings
Description: Ms Solak, a volunteer at the medical center for 25 years, spoke with Don McCatty on March 8, 2006. She talked about: 2:45min - Lucille Mader 4:50min - Veteran patients especially those in Nursing Home Unit, entertainment for the patients 16:15min - Dearborn Memorial Parade 17:50 min - 'Adopt a Veteran' campaign 21:05min - Golden Age Games 23:15min - Dedication of the Allen Park VA memorial, 25:05min - Homeless veterans 27:25min - Youth volunteers, school children and the scholarship program
Date: 2006-03-08

Access Title:Interview with Fay Detvay
Person/People: Detvay, Fay
File Type: Sound Recordings
Description: Ms Detvay, a volunteer at the medical center since 1957, talked to Don McCatty on January 23, 2006 about her memories of Allen Park and the Detroit VA Medical Center. Topics discussed: Nursing home patients, Vietnam Veterans, Recreation Therapy, The Scholarhip Program, Volunteerism, Youth, Carnivals 34:10min - Raymond G. Roehler, youth volunteer 38:15 min - Lucille Mader, Greenhouses 49:30min - Edward "Andy" Andrewjescki
Date: 2006-01-23

Access Title:Interview with Michael Samson
Person/People: Samson, Michael
File Type: Sound Recordings
Description: Dr. Samson, former Chief of Staff at Allen Park and Detroit, talked to Don McCatty on March 14, 2006 about his memories of his work at both facilities. Issues discussed included: Wayne State University School of Medicine, physician recruitment, patient care, 12:00min - Women veterans, veteran patients 28:45min - mamography, ambulatory care 34:29min - Auditorium at Detroit
Date: 2006-03-14

Access Title:Interview with Cassandra Webb
Person/People: Webb, Cassandra
File Type: Sound Recordings
Description: Ms Webb, an occupational therapist, recalls seeing an old sewing machine in OT at the Detroit VA Medical Center that she had used as a student in 1984 at the Allen Park facility.
Date: 2006-06-07

Access Title:Interview with John Paglione
Person/People: Paglione, John
File Type: Sound Recordings
Description: Mr Paglione, Special Assistant to the Director, was interviewed on March 14, 2006 by Don McCatty regarding his part in the design and construction of the replacement facility in Detroit. Topics discussed included: 6:45min - The design process and the role of Primary Care 21:00min - Detroit city water 28:00min - Allen Park nursing home proposal 30:27 - Ford property agreement and land deed 31:45 - 'Clay Mines' 32:45 - Demolition issues and environmental assessment 43:10min - Wayne State University Medical School, Mayor Coleman Young 44:40min - Detroit design issues 47:00min - Glazed bricks 49:35min - Other construction issues
Date: 2006-03-14

Access Title:New VA Hospital will Break with Bleak Past
Person/People: Reinbold, Gerald
File Type: Clippings
Description: Article about plans for the new veterans hospital to be built in Detroit. 'The design show a blend of bright colors and open interior spaces that soften and humanize the enourmout structure and the notion of a VA hospital.'
Date: 1991-07-16

Access Title:Interview with Josephine Wheelock
Person/People: Wheelock, Josephine
File Type: Sound Recordings
Description: Ms Wheelock, Executive Secretary to the Director, spoke with Don McCatty on February 26, 2006 about her memories of Detroit in the 1960's, Allen Park VA and the move to Detroit. Issues they discussed included: 5:05min - Detroit riots, Allen Park VA, Patient care, Administration, Detroit VA 21:00min - Hollywood and Vine 24:15min - Ford land deed 26:00min - 'Clay Mines' 27:20min - Vietnam Veterans 29:00min - Veteran Readjustment Act, Day Treatment Center, Allen Park campus, Office procedures 39:50min - Patient complaints 42:00min - Patient move to Detroit
Date: 2006-02-26

Access Title:Interview with Ethel Kellie
Person/People: Kellie, Ethel
File Type: Sound Recordings
Description: Ms. Kellie, Coordinator of the Women Veterans Program, spoke with Don McCatty on February 24, 2006 about the evolution of women's health care in the VA system. Topics covered: Privacy issues, space allocation and 16:40min - PTSD in women, Military Sexual Trauma
Date: 2006-02-24