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Solak, Rose (2)

Access Title:Interview with Rose Solak
Person/People: Solak, Rose
File Type: Sound Recordings
Description: Ms Solak, a volunteer at the medical center for 25 years, spoke with Don McCatty on March 8, 2006. She talked about: 2:45min - Lucille Mader 4:50min - Veteran patients especially those in Nursing Home Unit, entertainment for the patients 16:15min - Dearborn Memorial Parade 17:50 min - 'Adopt a Veteran' campaign 21:05min - Golden Age Games 23:15min - Dedication of the Allen Park VA memorial, 25:05min - Homeless veterans 27:25min - Youth volunteers, school children and the scholarship program
Date: 2006-03-08

Access Title:From Soldier to Citizen: history of Detroit VA Medical Center
Person/People: Dingell, John D.
File Type: Video
Description: This film covers the history of the Allen Park/Detroit VA Medical Center as it was conceived in the 1930's with the support of Henry Ford. The Medical Center later moved to Detroit in the 1990's to accomodate the changing needs of the community and the veterans we serve. The video is written and produced by Bill Browning and narrated by Bob Hynes.
Date: 2006-06-01