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McElhone, Virgina Crane (1)

Access Title:Interview with Virgina McElhone
Person/People: McElhone, Virgina Crane
File Type: Sound Recordings
Description: Ms McElhone is the daughter of Dr. Crane who was the first physician Director of Allen Park Veterans Hospital in the 1940's and 1950's. She grew up on the property and had her wedding reception there. She describes her memories of the early days of Allen Park. Issues discussed: Medical care around the time of World War II, 18:45min - Buildings on the hospital grounds,28:40min - Baseball games, 35:35min - Detroit replacement facility, 37:15min - Entertainers who came to the hospital included: Frankie Lane, Bob Hope, Lucille Ball, and Joey Brown, 43:48min - Race relations, 45:40min - The Ford Family, 48:40min - Drs. Gotleib and Kukudo, 50:55min - Thoughts on veterans 57:00 - 'Lightening and fireflys' 1:01:23min - Wedding memories
Date: 2006-01-07