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Interview with John Paglione (1)

Access Title:Interview with John Paglione
Person/People: Paglione, John
File Type: Sound Recordings
Description: Mr Paglione, Special Assistant to the Director, was interviewed on March 14, 2006 by Don McCatty regarding his part in the design and construction of the replacement facility in Detroit. Topics discussed included: 6:45min - The design process and the role of Primary Care 21:00min - Detroit city water 28:00min - Allen Park nursing home proposal 30:27 - Ford property agreement and land deed 31:45 - 'Clay Mines' 32:45 - Demolition issues and environmental assessment 43:10min - Wayne State University Medical School, Mayor Coleman Young 44:40min - Detroit design issues 47:00min - Glazed bricks 49:35min - Other construction issues
Date: 2006-03-14