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Interview with John Barkett (1)

Access Title:Interview with John Barkett
Person/People: Barkett, John
File Type: Sound Recordings
Description: John Barkett, a psychiatric nursing assistant at the VA Medical Center since 1978, talked about his memories of and opinions on changes he has witnessed over the years in the mental health care field. Topics covered: Vietnam War, 4:05 - Allen Park VA, 5:45 - Psychiatric Units, 7:45 - PTSD and Schizophrenia, 10:00 - World War II veterans, 13:00 - Intergenerational Relations, 14:00 Lucille Mader, 16:30 Sustance Abuse Treatments, 19:55 - Dr Huggins, Chief of Psychiatry, 23:00 - Education, Upward Mobility Program, 29:15 - Smoking policies, 35:00 - Social activities
Date: 2006-01-12